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Yoga of Action (or Inaction)


Today I'm picking up where we left off on last week's blog post about how to make decisions you can believe in.  

I was reminded this weekend just how important movement can be to help quiet the mind. I enjoyed an Advent Labyrinth Walk at a friend's property.  Labyrinths are a beautiful setting for walking meditation.  The path is laid out for you.  You simply remain present with your steps and allow your mind to settle.  You can even ask a question at the start of the path, and will perhaps receive an answer by the end.  But as always--non-attachment! True wisdom comes when we step out of life's busyness and into the stillness of nature. 


So once you ask the question on your heart, move your body, whether on the mat, in a labyrinth, on your favorite trail, or wherever, and settle in to listen for the answer to the question on your heart, you might have to DO something with this answer.  


Or, perhaps do nothing...which is something.


We practiced this in Donation-Based Hatha Yoga last week, and some of the answers were brilliant instructions for the next move.  Here's a few examples:

-- Get grounded.

-- You're safe.

-- Trust.

-- You will know. 

-- Just wait. 


Don't these sound more like wise instructions than clanging bells?  And so often the most profound comes in the fewest words.  (Note to self ;)


So to follow what comes next in Yoga of Action, DO the thing your wise self said, then SURRENDER the fruits.  My brother would put it like this: "Do your best and leave the rest on the field."  (I think this is what he means.)  So whether you know you need to take action, or inaction is your next move, when you do what your heart guided you to do, it will be right.  Then LET IT GO. You won't be able to control the things that are not yours to control. Do what you can do, and surrender.

--deep breath--



As we close in on this year and prepare the way for a new one, I ask you, what is yours to do? What does your wise self say is your next move in 2022?  What will you keep?  What will you release?  What is your heart's intention? What would get you excited to do life? How can I help?


No need to answer quickly.  Keep asking, moving, quieting, and listening.  That way when the path is clear your footstep will be strong!  My intention is to offer classes, courses, retreats, workshops, yoga therapy, and gatherings where your yoga and meditation can support your life's endeavors with wisdom and courage.


May you remain open to the light, the true teacher, within and without.

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