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The Labyrinth: Doorway into the Interior Life

This week you are in for a treat!  My friend and Walking with Divine Feminine partner, Nancy Herlin, has written a beautiful personal piece about what the practice of labyrinth walking is and and what it means to her.  Please enjoy, and join us April 9.


When people find out that I have a labyrinth and walk it regularly as one of my spiritual practices, I find most don’t know what to say. Many confuse it with a maze, but unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path in and out, and isn’t designed to get you lost. Some excitedly recount their own stories of time spent in a labyrinth. Others are curious about how a walking meditation tool can help them access their own inner knowing and enhance their relationship with God.

What is a labyrinth? It is an ancient symbol and usually outdoor space used as a metaphor for our own spiritual journey. There are many uses for a labyrinth. Some use a labyrinth as a walking meditation tool to pause and slow...

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Walking with Divine Feminine


"To walk with me is to walk as me.” 


These are the words author, speaker, and Harvard-trained scholar of the divine feminine, Meggan Watterson, heard in her meditation when she was contemplating the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene. She describes this in her book, Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven't Tried Yet. 


This was the inspiration I needed to bring you something very special.


A few years ago I became interested in understanding the Divine Feminine.  I have always felt a deep connection to God, but that image is steeped in masculinity.  I love the men in my life and the masculine side of myself, but I knew I was only getting half the picture.  There’s a yin energy to Source as well.  There’s a feminine side I wanted to know.  So I asked, I learned, I met her, and now I, along with my dear friend Nancy Herlin, want to share...

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Yoga of Action (or Inaction)


Today I'm picking up where we left off on last week's blog post about how to make decisions you can believe in.  

I was reminded this weekend just how important movement can be to help quiet the mind. I enjoyed an Advent Labyrinth Walk at a friend's property.  Labyrinths are a beautiful setting for walking meditation.  The path is laid out for you.  You simply remain present with your steps and allow your mind to settle.  You can even ask a question at the start of the path, and will perhaps receive an answer by the end.  But as always--non-attachment! True wisdom comes when we step out of life's busyness and into the stillness of nature. 


So once you ask the question on your heart, move your body, whether on the mat, in a labyrinth, on your favorite trail, or wherever, and settle in to listen for the answer to the question on your heart, you might have to DO...

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